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Market Update January

February 21, 2024


The overwhelming amount of serious damage has been quite the concern this year, along with the lack of smaller sizing. The mummy shake did not happen last year, and as a result, the remaining mummy/empty almonds were a perfect breeding ground for damaging insects. Crop seems to be stable to firming and definitely on Extra number 1/Supreme or smaller sizes.

NPS $2.40-$2.80
ABCs $2.35-$2.55
Cal/Carmel $2.20-$2.40


China bought aggressively in Georgia, as well as in Sonora Mexico. The reportedly large crop stirred customers to feel the prices were coming down from last year. Grower’s reply - quality is off, as is tonnage, we are raising our prices. Shellers are getting squeezed and not nearly as many contracts have been done relative to this time of the season. Many on both sides feel this market is stable/firm to firming in the coming months. I must say, there seems to be plenty of pecans out there.

FJMH $4.50-$4.65
Fancy Pieces $4.50-$4.65
Western/Wichita inshell $3.25 per point


The walnut crew may have found a bottom to their prices this year. At current prices, growers are suffering. China seems to be out of their better quality and the crop may reportedly be smaller next year. Shipments are significantly up from last year.

LHP 20 $1.65-$1.75
CHP 20 $1.60-$1.65


New crop is on the way and some customers are opting to wait and see what it brings. Freight continues to be a burden. Despite a slight price dip, there has not been much additional buying activity.

WW 240 $2.80
WW 320 $2.55
LP $1.55


Record shipments for November and December 2023. Market is firm. Exports, as well as domestic shipments, are continuing to soar.

18-22 X number 1 $3.65
21-27 X number 1 $3.40
80 percent whole $7.75

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