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Latest Market Updates

Market update 110220

November 12, 2020

* Regardless of a 3 Billion Pound crop, COVID is still causing
uncertainty in the markets – resulting in a wider range of pricing.
* The larger size kernels are not coming in as expected.
* Shipments this crop year have been excellent with November
filling up very quickly... Read More

Almond Objective Estimate 2020

July 7, 2020

Link to the full report below.

California's 2020 almond production is forecast at 3.00 billion meat pounds, unchanged from May's subjective forecast and 18 percent higher than last year's crop. The forecast is based on 1.26 million bearing acres... Read More

2020 California Almond Subjective Forecast

May 13, 2020


The initial subjective forecast for the 2020 California
almond production is 3.0 billion pounds. Forecasted
production is 17.6 percent above last year's production
of 2.55 billion pounds... Read More

Market Update 021020

February 10, 2020


Weather in California is almost perfect and as a result bloom looks wonderful as we look ahead to the 2020 Crop.

Most feel that this year&rsquo;s crop will land closer to the Subjective Estimate of 2.5 billion and not the Objective Estimate of 2.2 billion pounds as crop receipts are showing... Read More

Market Update 010720

January 7, 2020

Cheaper prices can be found in each category, one has to look closely however.


Market on pollinators is firm, they will sell all of them it seems.
Bl Manufactured $3.65-75
Nat Manufactured $3.55-65
NP 27/30 Pasteurized $3.10-20
Cal/Car 27/30 ssr $2.90
Blanched Meal $3.05-25


Inshell is up and down a nickel... Read More

Walnut Production Forecast Down

September 5, 2019

The 2019 California walnut production is forecast at 630,000 tons, down 6.8 percent from 2018's production of 676,000 tons and even further down from last year's estimate of 690,000 tons.

New Crop sales should be available to consumers as early as next week... Read More

Almond Objective Estimate 2019

July 3, 2019

Today the National Agricultural Statistical Service published the objective estimate for the 2019 California Almond crop at 2.20 billion pounds based on 1.17 million bearing acres.

This is down 12% from May's Subjective Estimate and 3.5% down from last year's crop... Read More

Subjective Estimate

2.50 Billion Pounds Estimated
May 10, 2019

The NASS Subjective Estimate indicates the below:

"The initial subjective forecast for the 2019 California almond production is 2.50 billion pounds. Forecasted production is 9.6 percent above last year's production of 2.28 billion pounds... Read More

Subjective Estimate out Tomorrow 5/10

May 9, 2019

The Almond Subjective Estimate comes out tomorrow 5/10/2019

See the attached pdf from the Almond Board regarding pre-release information.

Great write up!

Read More

Market Update 050619

May 6, 2019


Pricing is fairly stable.

Pollinators are becoming very short and it looks like it will come down to the wire again this year.

Non Pareil seems as if it will be the majority of the carry out again this year.

New crop is looking favorable, based on new bearing acres and average yield per acre we could see a 2.55+ billion pound crop.

The gap in pricing between NP and Pollinizers has closed significantly, from about 50 cents to as narrow as .05/#.

New crop is selling at a 10-15 cent discount.

NPS at $2.90-3.00.
Cal/Car $2.75-2.90
Manufactured $3.55-$3.70


Market is stable, shipments are good.

LHP $2.75
LMP $2.80

Crop is also coming along nicely... Read More

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