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Market Update 5/06/21

May 6, 2021

Dry conditions persist into early May. Acreage report was 1.25 million acres for last year, with potential bearing acres at 1.33 million for next year. We have another potential crop pushing on the 3 billion pound size! Pricing is very low for almonds. They are also low compared to other nuts used for similar applications. A Subjective estimate is right around the corner and should be interesting to see.

NPS $1.90-$2.60
ABCs $2.40-$2.70
Cal/Carmel $1.95-$2.25

The Market has been flat to weak the last 2 months, with very little spot business getting done. Contract shipments are still strong.
There are still a lot of pecans to be sold and with the weather warming up, we may see a slight dip in in-shell pricing. (This is a result of Mexico not having adequate cold storage facilities to house the rest of the crop.)

Halves have held their price and pieces have increased a bit, especially over last year.

FJMH $4.85-$5.15
Fancy Pieces $2.85-$3.35

Shipments have been good and supply is dwindling. Prices have been stable for the first quarter and the industry is looking for good shipments again this month.
Chandlers are tight, causing a slight price increase. There are handlers looking to close down their facilities for the season, so there are still some good offers out there this month on Light as well as combo product. 80% + shipped and committed is the consensus.

LHP $2.10-$2.35
CHP $1.85-$1.95

Pricing is stable and demand is good. Ports are an issue for each category. Vietnamese WW 180-240 are becoming a little sparse and prices will likely increase as a result. India reports similar - stable to bullish.

WW 240 $4.60
WW 320 $4.30

Drought conditions are plaguing California. Shipments remain good and pricing is slightly bullish. Iran has shipped the majority of their crop due to lower prices. California packers are well committed and looking forward to seeing how the bloom progresses this week. The high end of speculation for this year's crop is 1 billion pounds - strong for an off crop year.

18-20X number 1 $4.30
21-27X number 1 $4.20
Kernels 80 percent whole $8.00

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